BraveSaga: Nectar Nonsense END Picture

And we end with a Brave who isn't a canon character, but rather an OC set up for the scenario. Sharanla has a bunny themed mech that she uses, but I expanded upon the idea and made a new Brave based on it: Jet Mocci.

I suppose she represents the fan fembot Transformer stereotype by having a jet mode. Being "created" per sey by Sharanla, Mocci's ridiculously pink and has a body frame that suggests a high school girl's uniform. She has a heavy rabbit theme, but is meant to reference the myth of rabbits living on the moon in Japanese mythology. She probably attacks with carrot shaped missiles, making her seem ridiculous, but her main weapon is a giant fan made of her alt mode's wings that can generate galactic force winds. Her special move is Rabbi-Crater, where she crashes into her opponent with a devestating kick to the opponents' chest.

Jet Mocci's design isn't final, but this is the general idea. Her jet form is similar to that of Movie Starscream's. Leaving with JM opens the possibility of creating a full fan Brave series at some point.

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