Proxy Blood - Ghavni Picture

race: Harpy
age: 59
height: 5'4"
weight: 158 lbs
homeland: White Feather Peak, Ararat Mountains, Armenia

she respects only power, so, as a relatively middleweight harpy, she studied black magic to ensure she was always the most powerful. Her goal has always been to serve whoever has the most power, and she makes sure no matter what happens, she's endeared herself or at least her people to the winner of the Struggle.

When she wins, harpies swarm over all old human habitations, converting them into their filthy nests. Ghavni personally ensures all of her many daughters have as many mating partners as they want, and between magical means and control of slavery markets, this becomes the norm for any people the harpies desire. Without humans, of course, their appearance changes over time. Within a few hundred generations, the world is run by barely-intelligent screaming giant birds with a servant caste of twisted feathered humanoids. This only lasts a short time before collapsing, so really, in the long run, things are worse for harpies, and everyone else is better off having lost them.
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