Barbarhinoceros Picture

Barbarhinoceros the Cruel Striker


Barbarhinoceros is a gigantic shrimp rhino Demon God. He is somewhat of a mystery and is considered by most to have been a minor Demon God at most. Not much is known about him and it seems that there aren't that many records of him. This is a situation that stands as a complete contrast to other Demon Gods. While many other Demon Gods have been imprisoned or forgotten over the millennia, there at least have been a sizable number of records about them that come either from their crimes or from their cults. As a matter of fact, due to such records, Demon Gods are never truly forgotten as at least the oldest of races know of them in great detail. In Barbarhinoceros' case, there really aren't that many records of him to warrant classifying him as a Demon God. Either he was really that minor of a Demon God or that someone's somehow erased a great number of his records. It's this suspicion that makes him somewhat notable.

What little is known of Barbarhinoceros is that he was really a minor Demon God in the loosest of terms. He only ravaged one far-off planet whose environments mostly consisted of flooded savannahs. He mostly terrorized the local inhabitants which were best described as being in the stage between being simple animals and a primitive caveman culture. He also terrorized any who were unlucky enough to crash-land onto his planet, however due to certain limits such as the inability to fly and chase spaceships, he wasn't that much of a threat to anyone significant. Due to the few records, how much all of this is true has been a subject of intrigue for many. Many have argued that this account is either a lie or greatly missing a lot of details. They state that there has to be more as otherwise how could Barbarhinoceros be classified as a Demon God instead of simply being classified as an immortal demonic brute. Indeed most Demon Gods have more than this when it comes to classification. Of course, there have been some that have been classified as Demon Gods for, in lack of a better word, stupider reasons.

While details about Barbarhinoceros are sketchy, they are no more sketchier than his involvement in the Titanomachy. While the primordial war was a great battle which involved a lot of Demon Gods going completely destructive in their path, what exactly he did is an even bigger mystery than why there aren't that many records of him. One unreliable account states that he was seen attacking another Demon God or two when they arrived on his planet rather aid them in destruction. This action could be interpreted as competing for who gets to destroy what, however the details mysteriously suggest there was more to it. Another unreliable account states that he was seen standing aside what was either a spaceship or a portal which transported offworld lifeforms which looked native to his planet. Why exactly he was standing around such a structure and not doing anything is a bit questionable especially considering what little is known about him. Lastly, the most unreliable account about Barbarhinoceros states that he was seen amongst the ranks of the Titans, the Æsir, and the Angels who were defending against the madness that was the primordial war. Given his nature, many agree that this was most likely a case of mistaken identity. However if it wasn't, then all sorts of questions and implications would most likely arise.

After the Titanomachy, it's not known what happened to Barbarhinoceros. All reliable records about him just stop. Many state he was most likely imprisoned however without complete verification, it's just speculation. There is one unreliable account that states he went to a Frost Giant realm after the war. How he was able to get there and what he did afterwards is not stated but most agree that this unreliable account is most likely the last about the Demon God known as Barbarhinoceros.
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