Interest Chart of doom Picture


Ok, so i was bored and not really inspired, so i did this lil icons to represent my interest and then i made this chart, because im so full of my self.
I guess this will at least let you know a lil bit more about myself. plus it would be cool to see others do stuff like this.

Now explanation:

Sporting a boring White color, we got Normal, which would be the closest thing to realistic, but real life is so....boring! if normal was interesting, then this chart wouldn't exist, so it's the least of my interests.
fandom? i don't really tend to get into things that fall on this, tho i did got hooked to the sims ones.
Concept? None of my concepts can be called completely "normal" nor realistic.

Magic and witches are so appealing to me, because this concepts usually are so full of imagination and creativity and due to the nature of fantasy, there is no limit to what can be done, so it's one of my faves.
fandom? Movies such as "the witches", "hocus pocus", "The Witches of Eastwick" are what made me fan of fantasy, as well as fairy tales.
Concept? All of my concepts include witches or magic in some way, tho i guess "Going Nowhere" would be the most notorious.

I love robots, everyone does! Robots are great because they're the work of imagination, but unlike magical themes, THEY'RE ACTUALLY REAL OR POSSIBLE.
The wonders of Science are inspiring, just thinking what we're able to do now with technology makes one imagine what we will be able to do in the future!
fandom? My life as a teenage robot, Pinky and the brain, Transformers, Megaman.
Concept?Most of my concepts include at least one robot, or "impossible" technology, tho i don't think any of them focuses on it.

Animals are AWESOME, but in fiction, mankind seems always to shape animals in its own image and likeness, in many ways.
Whenever a talking animal or an Anthro character, this kind of concepts add a more surreal touch to anything and thats always good to me.
Im not going to Lie, i am quite fond of Anthro characters, but my fave part is having them interact with non anthro characters.
fandom? Well, there are THOUSAND of cartoons that featured animals or anthro characters, so we must agree that they played a huge part on our childhoods. TMNT comes to mind as one of the most important.
Concept?Some of my concepts include anthro characters and all of them include animals, but i guess "50 MC" (yenny's story) it's the most fitting.

Super powers/Super heroes/Comic book
Second only to fantasy, super powers are the best, thats why i enjoy a lot super hero movies, comics and series.
The best part of this it's that it can mix sciense, magic and wathever it takes to get away with it, so it gives more room to create.
fandom?Heroes, Spiderman, Justice League, X-men, Dragon ball, Street Fighter.
Concept?Just like magic, ALL my concepts include super powers, but "Clash" is about comic book styled characters so it belongs here.

Well, to be honest i just did this because i needed the icon for combinations, but it belong to things that are naturally big, Big stuff is cool, but it is better when combined with other interests
Robots + Giant = MECHA!
Well, i Dig giant robot! Huge war robots! Explosions! Destructions! WOOOOH! all action, what's more to it?
fandom?Megas XLR, Heavy Gear, Tech Romancer.
Concept?Giant robots run rampant on my "Clash" concept.

Anthro + Giant = Macro
This it's pretty cool, based on stuff like Godzilla and king kong, giant anthro characters causing mayhem is too awesome to not like, that's why i embraced this fandom quickly.
fandom? Godzilla, Ultraman, King kong.
Sadly, the way i was introduced made me realize that almost everything related to the macro fandom it's either too violent or to sexual for my taste, so i made it my mission to make some Light hearted, comical and less mind scarring macro. Thats how Yenny came to be :3

Anthro + Magic + human + Super = ???
I don't actually know how to call this, guess general fiction or special, but this is actually my comfort zone.
You see, it always black or white, Human or Anthro, Magic or super powers, things are often one sided, but i like to mix, specially when it comes to Human-Anthro.
It is always an ALL ANTHRO story, or a human story with one or two anthros, but i like having them as equals, as if being Human or Anthro was no different from having different skin color (you make what you want about that claim).
fandom? Spider-man Unlimited (animated, not comic)
"Project Ayacame", thats the one with Lila, my iconic character.

Super + Robot + Giant = SENTAI!
Yeah, i thought of naming this one after the genre that mixed super heroes and giant robots for the first time!
Even to most of the time "power rangers" do a bad job relocating this, the concept it's still awesome, super heroes that battle regular sized enemies AND gargantuan monsters, that's sure to be action Packed!
fandom? Power Ranger SPD, Viewtiful Joe, SRMTHG!
Again, "Clash" has a lot of this.

Super power + Science + Magic = Sci-Fi
Call me a geek, but i believe all science fiction concepts are good and imaginative.
fandom? Ben 10, Star wars, Futurama, SRMTHG!, Stargate, Venture Brothers, Earthbound, F-zero, Star fox...and many more.
Lots too.
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