Ah, crossdressing... Picture

ALRIGHT! Yes, those are two guys! Maia, laugh. Laugh like you've never laughed before. Anyway! There's a lot of explanation to this, so buckle your seatbelts.

The man on the left is Thor, god of Thunder, and YES, he IS in a dress. The man on the right, who doesn't really look like a man, is Loki, god of Mischief and Thor's step-brother. One day in the god realm, a Giant King named Thrym stole Thor's hammer, Mjolnir(pronounced Myol nir) and, in order to get it back, the gods had to give him the goddess Freyja(frey ya) to be his wife. Loki, being the crafty little trickster he is, comes up with this brilliant plan to get the hammer back. All of the gods dress Thor up like the bride and Loki, being a shape shifter, transforms himself into a woman to be the bridesmaid. At the 'wedding', Thor almost blows his cover by eating a whole ox, but Loki, thankfully, comes up with this ridiculous story. He says that 'the bride' was so excited the last seven days that she didn't eat anything so, now, she can consume the whole ox. During the ceremony, Mjolnir is handed to Thor and he beats the crap out of Thrym.

Too bad for Thor that he can't look less like a man.
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