Kuninkaanhauta I Picture

Panelia's Kuninkaanhauta (King's Barrow of Panelia) in Kiukainen, Finland, is the largest bronze-age barrow in the Nordic countries. The legend tells that an ancient king is buried beneath.
Kiukainen, the district, has obviously gotten its name from the (originally) hundreds of burial mounds raised around the area. The Finnish name for a barrow (hiidenkiuas) translates literally as 'Hiisi's sauna stove' (kiuas = 'sauna stove'; also a 'rock pile'; 'Kiukainen' might be lightly translated as 'full of rock piles'). In the mythology, the various sects of Hiisi were either regarded as giants or other kinds of mischievous elvish or troll-ish beings. Obviously the giant variety were associated with the barrows.

Picture from yesterday's hiking trip.
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