6,500 PAGE VIEWS Picture

Well, here’s 160 monsters this time. As usual, I’m still open to suggestions of other mythological creatures.

The categories are…
1. Humanoid (things that are somewhat like humans)
2. Little people (human-like things that are short)
3. Hybrid humanoids (things that are at least 50% human and the rest animal)
4. Giant humanoids (things that are somewhat like humans, except really big)
5. Undead (things that are dead but haven’t stopped moving)
6. Shapeshifters (things that are professional shapshifters)
7. Blends (things that are probably made of multiple animals)
8. Hybrids (things that are made of multiple animals with clearly defined parts from the different animals)
9. Upgrades (things that are like normal animals, except with more parts, better parts or special powers)
10. Objects and Plants (things that were inanimate, but now they’re not)
11. Everything else

Obviously, they’re still not to scale, especially not the rukh.
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