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Okay, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a HUGE fan of Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. I love the original manga series, the anime series, the manga series that follows the end of the anime series, all of it! I have the anime series on DVD, and I've downloaded both of the manga series onto my computer. Furthermore, I am a big fan of Norse mythology. And Greek, Egyptian, and Roman mythologies as well. And I love Loki. I even named my dog Loki! Hes an adorable, blonde (in every meaning), shih-tzu. He's so CUTE! Anyway, I created an original character for it. Well, she's only kind of an original character. Meet Sigyn. Pronounced See-G-In, with a hard "g" as in "go" or "get". She's a Norse goddess. Really. She's Loki's wife. No, really! Check it out: [link]
I have seen many variations of Sigyn, some with black hair, some with red hair and some with blonde hair. I went with red hair. Because I can. That's why. I feel so bad for her. Her devotion to Loki is astounding. Okay, so here it is: Sigyn and Loki have two sons, Vali and Narvi. Loki kills Odin's son, Baldur, and Odin decides to take his revenge. Odin turns Vali into a mindless wolf, who then attacks and kills Narvi, then runs off and is never heard from again. But, that's not enough punishment. So, Odin uses Narvi's intestines to chain Loki to a rock, and hangs a giant snake above his head. The snake steadily drips venom onto Loki's face, but then, Sigyn shows up and holds a bowl over Loki's face to catch the venom before it hits him. They supposedly stay like this 'til the beginning of Ragnarok. I don't think I could ever love someone as much as Sigyn loves Loki.
Moving on. I decided to have her show up in the series the episode after Hiemdall. Odin put a spell on her to intensify her hatred of Loki, but no matter how hard she tries to kill him, she can't because she still loves him. I decided to make her more lolita then sexy. Frejya's got the sexy thing covered.
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