Youkai Part 2 Picture

More youkai! :3
This is actually pretty old...
Anyways, here's what the words say, for those who have difficulty reading my terrible handwriting.

1. Amikiri
2. Ashimagari ("Look, Ma! I'm a rabbit!")
3. Backbeard ("I do NOT need glasses! I can see just fine!")
4. Houkou (He wants to play fetch.)
5. Inugami (Needless to say, the evil mailman was never seen again.)
6. Jyubokko ("Ha ha. Veeery funny, Sakuya. Now get this cape offa me!")
7. Kameosa ("I'm full of sake! I'm a tanuki's best friend!")
8. Kashabo ("My eye is like this because giant wasps are mean!")
9. Kitsune *guess who, exactly? Look back at Jyubokko's comment if you don't get this* ("I swear, that tree has no sense of humor.")
10. Mujina ("I forgot about the mouth again! Darn it!")
11. Nupperabou ("My favorite Pokemon is Muk, of course.")
12. Tanuki ("Must... get... Kameosa... of... SAKE!!")
13. Tsuchinoko (Tsuchinoko had no clue who this "Doraemon" was.)
Special Guests:
14. Onryo *It's Sadako!* ("7 days... unless you have some Pocky. Then you live.")
15. Kyonshi *Lei-Lei!* ("Hi, do you have any sticky rice?")

Art by me
Sadako is from "The Ring" which belongs to some guy whose name I don't know.
Lei-Lei is from Darkstalkers, which is owned by Capcom.
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Doraemon belongs to another guy whose name I don't know.
Oh, and youkai are the supernatural creatures of Japanese mythology and fairy tales.
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