Original CharactersFanart: Father And Brother Picture

Specifically, they are the brother and father of Loki. ^^ I suppose I hadn't put much thought into these two until I began writing [link] for =moonlustre, but it was really fun developing them once I did. ^^

As a side note, I know that since Laufey is portrayed as male in the Marvel universe (why, I do not know, Fárbauti sounds way more badass as names go anyway...) but I wanted to keep Fárbauti as the father regardless. So, yay for intersex jotun theories, haha. Where they have neither male nor female, only jotun. ^^

Designing the robes for these two was my favourite thing ever, omg. And gold effect is the best thing ever after that, haha!

I do have a design for Helblindi too, but it's not being cooperative just at this moment, so I'll put it up later. >.>

(these designs for) Byleistr and Fárbauti © AmuletStar
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