MH OC- Naila Leos Picture

Ta-da!!! My very first Monster High OC, Naila Leos! She is the daughter of the Nemean Lion from Greek Mythology. ^w^

Design 1(left): This was her original look that first came to mind as I doing sketches of her before moving into photoshop for development. I just thought she looked so sweet and adorable with this design! I got the idea for her hair while flipping through one of my Japanese fashion magazines. ^w^ If you can see it, I tried to create a glittery affect in her dress, fur cuffs and collar, as well as in her bows. During my research, I read that the Nemean Lion turned into the constellation Leo which I thought was sooooo cool and where I got the inspiration for the sparkles. I'm personally very proud for pulling it off so successfully, if I do say so myself. ^w^
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