Briareanos Picture

Sejanus Reflex in a bid to aid Crastinos & his vampire horde regain their power & to cause Vanessa, Dracula, Anthony & the PDND a lot of split-ends: he sends 12 Exiles with powers & apperances base on the monsters of Greek Mythology to suit this cause:-

Briareanos here is a Hecatoncheries type Exile; a Hecatoncheries (for those who are a perplexed of what-the-hell-a-Heca..what? is) is a 100 armed giant capable of hurling boulders the size of mountains & helped the Olympians to overthrow the Titans during the Titanomachy (Great War)

but this Exile's arms house 50 smaller arms but can channel light energy to hurl 50 tonne TNT explosive energy at rapid pace!
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