DeviantART Trading Card Game Picture

I was so bored...
Horray for my Originality!!!


This is a dART Trading Card!
Base rules:
There are 3 rounds, if you win 2 of them you win the game
Stars show the rank of a card (MAX 5)
That number (00) is the attack power (MAX 10)
A card can have 2 types at the most
Every card has 30 HP (20 HP for two-typed cards)

Special rules:
You can use just 3 RANDOM cards on your "deck"
Few stars = More attacks
More starts = Few attacks
Few stars = Lower attack power 1 to 5
More stars = Higher attack power 6 to 10
Attack doesn't match with OFFENSE!
You can have defensive moves too :3
Types (as always) show the effectiveness of an attack

BLUE -> Anthros
Fictional characters with human resemblances
Famous matches: Crash, Ratchet, Fox McCloud, Blacksad
YELLOW -> Humans
REAL Simply human beings
Famous matches: L, Light Yagami and stuff
Ninjas are included since they really existed
GREY -> Mechas
Mechanical beings
Famous matches: Bender, Clank
ORANGE -> Animals
REAL Animals of all type (prehistoricals too)
Famous matches: Balto, Garfield, Simba
PINK -> Myths
Mythological creatures and beings...
Matches: Elves, Fairies, Angels and stuff
WHITE -> Fan Charas
I hate them all, but they're sooo many.
Matches: Own characters created for that game/anime/manga/book
GREEN -> Monsters
Evil beings
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