From West to East Picture

And he's gotta catch 'em all 'cause he's--*Shot*

Come on, there's that OBVIOUS similarity between the DP theme and Pokemon slogan...gotta catch 'em all.xDD

HAFLING (Half misspelled--as in half-ghost+suffix -ling)
Half-Ghost PKMN
Wt: 20 lb.
Ability: ANTICIPATION--senses supereffective moves
There was once a legend stating that HAFLING could change between it's white NORMAL-type form and it's black GHOST-type form freely, but that simply isn't the case in present times.
Its ghost and normal abilities exist freely in both forms, but its NORMAL characteristics are more prominent in the white form found in West Noettah, while the GHOST characteristics are more common in the black East Noettah variant.

I wanted to make a cute pokemon for the Noettah region, and I also wanted one loosely DP-inspired. thus, HAFLING was born by greatly watering down [link] .
It will evolve, its evolutions entirely different based on the form of the Hafling. The white 'Fenton' variant is found in West Noettah, which is more technology and science-based, while East Noettah is more rooted in old legends, mythology and lore. Oddly enough, the black '
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