An Immovable Object Meeting an Unstoppable Force Picture

This is more of a test shot than anything for something really big on the horizon. But it was good enough that I wanted to share it with you all. I sometimes disappear from here for some time but rest assured my watchers are never far from my mind and I want to try and present something to show how much I care that you all take the time to consistently watch and like my stuff.

The background behind this picture goes without saying to those who remember this match, but for the most Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant's matchup at Wrestlemania III has taken on mythic proportions. In hindsight, some may say that this particular main event pales in comparison to the mid-card, which featured an Intercontinental championship bout with Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage (which I've highlighted elsewhere). Hogan himself doesn't help with mythologizing the fight, upping Andre's weight every time he talks about it or how the big scoopslam performed on the Frenchman tore a hole in the muscles in Hogan's back. Where it fails it also has it's greatest gains: Hogan was at the peak of Hulkamania, and Andre was given one of his last great matches (due to the fact that the disease that gave him his greatest asset-his size-also doomed him and made him a true statue by this older matches from the Seventies and you'll Andre move with such swiftness that makes his performance here look like a different man). When Hogan was on, he could sell a match with ease and there is the believability that Andre was truly getting the upper hand. Again hindsight makes the leg drop Hogan gives to Andre to win look ridiculous but this was the first time anyone had seen the giant Frenchman truly lose a match cleanly.There would be a rematch of sorts at Wrestlemania IV, Andre would slowly wind-down from in-ring action by the time he passed away in 1993 (most notably jobbing to the Ultimate Warrior) and Hogan would go on to more classic things but neither, for this fan, truly peaked again afterwards.
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