Ephiny the Sphinx Picture

Cell phone pic of a character I’m playing in a pretty wild tabletop game! Drawn mostly at the game table, I am tempted to call this kind of stuff “D&Doodles”. The player characters are all essentially superheroes, so I don’t feel as silly as I might have if there wasn’t already a djinn and a dragon in the party. It probably wouldn’t have occurred to me to create a sphinx otherwise, actually!

She usually takes the form of an unobtrusive human servant of indeterminate gender, and in battle she turns into Nefertimon - er, a giant marble sphinx statue with a featureless mask as a face and a grand Nemes headdress. I have a huge stockpile of riddles collected, because her only attack involves a riddle with a dementia blast penalty. That said, she is curious to a fault and depressed about losing a riddle duel to a stronger sphinx a long time ago.

I rather wanted to have the snake head on the tail like I do on my other sphinxes, but it just looked wrong on this one! This was another cell phone photo I took and posted on tumblr, but I know the DA crew tends to really love the mythological critters so I thought I would share!
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