Concero Orbis Picture

I have to say, I'm happy with the outcome of this one; although I feel it is a little unfinished. I think I could have added something more, but I just couldn't think of anything to add to it that didn't lower its quality. These may be the best planet's I've ever made, so I wanted them to really stand out.


Concero Orbis is a Latin phrase that means "Twin Orbit." These two planets are believed to have once been a single asteroid in orbit around a red giant. They are at the very edge of the star's habitable zone, so the climate of the closer world (Remus) is very cold. Most of the planet is barren tundra, and the poles cover a third of the planet's surface, but the large lakes visible on the surface are volcanic hot-spots, where the permafrost has melted and water has built up. The water is very hot and has a high content of lime, giving it a teal color. Most flora and fauna live around the lakes though some have learned to live on or around the barren tundra.

The sister world, Romulus, is exactly the same size and composition of Remus and therefore has the same gravity. Thus the two worlds spin around each other in a constant dance of gravitational oddities. Unlike Remus, Romulus has a very active core and is far more volcanic. Because of this greenhouse gases have built up a thicker atmosphere on Romulus, giving it is warm, tropical environment. Romulus is covered in vast seas with the only land being a few snaky continents (more like large islands) and archipelagos. Life is abundant, the land is covered in thick jungles and the seas are filled with all forms of life.

Both worlds are prosperous as they are at the crossroads of several large trade routes. Because of this wealth and popularity they have also became incredible tourist spots; large cities and great beaches on Romulus and quiet camping on the tundras of Remus.
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