BlueSector Picture

Located in the Tri-Sector system, the Blue Sector is just as scientifically astounding as the rest of the system. At it's heart are the radioactive remains of a blue hypergiant star after it reached the end of it's life over 2 billion years ago. This radioactivity causes the stars seen behind the gas cloud to have a distinct icy-blue tint to them. The enormous force of the star's explosion, far greater than should be possible, forced out giant shockwaves of gas far into space, and at the center of this gas cloud is a black hole, formed when the star died.
Between the overly powerful, outword force and the extremely powerful gravitational force provided by the black hole, new stars are forming in the gas cloud which has been practically immobile for close to 1.8 billion years.
This planet, shown at the bottom left, was created by the ancient and powerful civilization known as the Valkyries, to monitor the anomaly and record any side-effects on the people living there.
With the Valkyrie long gone, human research teams are attempting to piece together all of the findings. It seems that the planet was originally created to be a rocky planet, but soon the effects of the radiation seemed to somehow dye both the rocks of the planet, and the population, blue. No medical damage seems to have been caused, but ever person's skin, blood and bones turned blue within just 200 years. Also, plants grown in the blue soil seem to have additional nutritional values, which would help explain why the rest of the Valkyrie race named them "The Ice Giants of Niflheim". In fact, this sector was codenamed Niflhiem, which was the Norse mythological world of ice. Which begs the question, why did an ancient alien civilization name a blue region of space the same as the Norse named the Ice world of Hell?


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