Philippine inspired Party members Picture

This art is inspired by my main Manga project Yugto but literally these guys are not the main protagonist in the story... As a matter of fact, they don't exist in the story, I draw this to show you guys what the world look like in my Manga I'm creating right now, and if your filipino you might have already get it that the story revolves and inspired by Philippine Mythology and creatures from our heritage. wheeeee!!!

Yah I added a little comic-relief here. Early in the morning and a cat fight is already happening between a Diwata Babaylan(Preiestess) and an Aswang assasin. The Little Duwende mage pulls the Ta-o's(Human) arm to quell the fight, but looks like even him is hesitated to stop the fight between the two. A female Aswang and Diwata are always at their danger point when angry. The Tikbalang the gentle giant at the back is also avoiding the fight, looks like the boys in the group are afraid to even lay a finger on this outburst or rage...

Call them cowards... But they rather have their necks in tact than to dare a futile attempt to stop the madness...

"Don't worry guys... it will stop.."
"You sure?"
"Uhm....Yeah... I think"
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