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10. Generator Rex: This show surprised me when I first saw it, I thought it would be nothing special and just another cheap show that cartoon network made to get viewers but boy was I wrong, the story is awesome, the characters are likable, the voice cast is pretty good.

09. Jackie Chan Adventures: This is one of the few cartoons based on celebrities that is actually good, it has elements of Indiana Jones, James Bond, of course a Jackie Chan movie, and Big Trouble in Little China, and it has one of my favorite villains Shendu so yeah I like it

08. Godzilla: the Series: This redeemed the monster Zilla for a lot of G-fans in that the monster in the show was more like its Japanese counterpart than the one in the movie the show is based on, plus it doesn't have Matthew Broderick and that's a huge plus

07. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I'm a Brony ok! But seriously this show is well written and has a great voice cast, and it goes great with Team Fortress 2

06. Megas XLR: This is the show that many people will say that "it was made for me" and after watching some episodes on youtube I agree with that statement more than ever, it has giant robots, fast cars, giant monsters, and hot future babes plus the main character, Coop, is a fan boy, and not an emo 14 year-old like most main characters in a series about giant robots

05. Gargoyles: Disney's darkest show and it combines elements of Shakespeare with sci-fi, mythology, and Arthurian lore what's not to love

04. Sym-bionic Titan: Cartoon Network's best new show in a while this show was made of awesome with deep characters, great action sequences, and awesome story, and CN FUCKING CANCELLED IT!!!!! and I hope that the rumor that they cancelled it because they couldn't make toys is false because that means the people behind merchandising as CN are complete morons considering this show is about a giant robot that fights giant monsters

03. Dan Vs.: This show is one of the big three shows on the HUB with My Little Pony and Transformers and for good reason, the main character Dan does what a lot of us want to do whenever we feel wronged and hilarity follows

02. Ed Edd n Eddy: There's a reason that this was CN's longest running series in that it was funny, often compared to the Three Stooges, the Eds are arguably the flagship characters of Cartoon Network and yet they get the shaft in the crossover games like CN Racing and Punch Time Explosion which is sad because this is an awesome show with awesome characters

01. Transformers: Prime: This is what the Micheal Bay movies should of been like, in that it focuses on the Autobots, and when it focuses on the humans it's at least interesting, the characters, the story, the animation, and the action are all in my opinion perfect and that's why Transformers: Prime is my favorite cartoon
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