Camp Ink Dump 2 Picture

(Ignore the pencil at the top. I was told to check this comic out, and had to write it somewhere where I'd see it. I forgot to erase it before scanning)
1. (Death Threats) At Norwegian Camp, we were told a story about how Thor left his hammer at a giant's house and the only way the giant would give it back would be if Freya would marry him. So, Loki came up with this idea to have Thor pretend to be Freya just long enough to get the hammer back, which meant that Thor had to wear a dress. It was pretty funny. Oddly enough, the next day, we had an ad-libbed play production of this story and I was Loki. Apparently, I did a good job, because one of my nicknames from then on was "Loki."

2. (Bad Dancing) A major part of the camp was the dancing, and quite a few of the guys were terrible leads. I drew this to express my frustration with them. Several of the other girls thought the comic was pretty accurate, so they had me make a full-page version to show to the guys. After that, they weren't such terrible leads.

3. (Do not Question Zim!) I was watching "Walk for You Lives" on my iPod, and found it hilarious that he said that line while wearing that costume.

4. (A Bit Green) Zim is indeed feeling a bit under the weather and Dib just couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a stupid joke.

5. (Don't Tell Me) Dib's got the sleep cuffs out. Gaz just doesn't want to know.

6. (Human DAT) She has pink hair, is left-handed, a pacifist, and her favorite sports are soccer and basketball. That's all true stuff about DAT, btw. Her hair looks like food... and that is not a nazi symbol on her armband. It's a broken heart.
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