Maverick Idea: Ground Molldril (Ground Mole) Picture


Whoa, that took a while! So here it is! A giant, bulky mole that causes havoc. I wanted to make him look more colorful than the others.

So yeah, moles. In Megaman ZX (a game I hate) one of the bosses is a puny lil' mole, so I really can't rant about CAPCOM never using one as a boss. HOWEVER, I do have a question: how is it that this particular boss, the mole, is just fat, lil' mole? I mean, it's not like I'd expect anything else from a mole (unless you count Terry up here), but since the Zero series (and thus, the ZX) have such creative looking bosses that are based on rare / exotic / mythological animals, the puny mole looks so unfitting. I mean, couldn't they at least make him be a star-nosed mole, that would at least make him more fitting to ZX...

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