Urban Decay Picture

Well. It is done. I wanted a nice picture with a background...because there is nothing more irritating than a skimped on background.

I love Norse mythology. Loki was the trickster god, who disguised himself as a white mare in order to distract a giant's horse. (Long strange, convoluted story but Sleipnir, the 8 legged horse you may have seen me draw, was born.)
That's what's great about Norse mythology - these crazy gender/cross dressing mix ups.

The background is from an image of Northwood asylum, a decayed, abandoned old mental institution. There's a site by an urban explorer where these sorts of photos are posted, and I find them very inspiring. Here's the one I used as a reference. [link]

I made Loki an Icelandic horse because hey..that's Norse. I referenced her from this photo. [link]

This took me aaages. Over a week..there's a lot of paint on there. I'm still not overly happy with the rotting floor but I can't do too much about that. I decided to just..finish it!

Step by step is up on my site: [link]
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