Brand new sketchbook, take1 Picture

Ooookay, so I had this huuuuuge art block going on for more than a month, and when it finally broke, it was like breaking a dam. I filled almost ten pages of my brand new sketchbook within the time gap between yesterday evening and this morning (many of which drawn in train, which I usually never do, but couldn't help myself this time). Here are some of the things that ended up on paper.

(Will probably move this to scraps, but this includes a commission sketch, so I won't scrapify this before I know the commissioner has seen it.)

Top row:
Some time ago (during my last practical training perioid) I was thinking about harpies from the ancient Greek mythology (or at least the picture I've gotten about them from random literature) where harpies were described as being ill-tempered birds with faces of damn ugly women. With nothing better to do at the time, I started thinking about the concept and doodling. What about they looked ugly, because their faces were more aerodynamic than human faces? That was fun. Uh-oh, if the face looks like this, how can people tell they're supposed to be women? Result: boobs. So, if they have breasts, they must be mammals (of some sort). But how about their males? There must be some, otherwise they would go extinct really fast. So, when they are, sort of, birds of prey, how about I made the gender differences to be like birds of prey: Big and strong females, and smaller and more agile males. Hey, how about if the seirens of the ancient Greek mythology were male harpies, just misinterpreted?
And so on.
In the end I ended up with a whole species with well-formed matriarcal society. And I just happened to want to draw them yesterday. Oh, yeah, this was supposed to be brief description of each drawing. Sorry!

Sooooo, on the next row, in left we can see Morri, being all "I'm-famous-comic-star" -like, relaxing with some drink, and wearing sunglasses like all the cool dudes do. If he just had normal amount of eyes he wouldn't be needing so many of them.

And on right from morri, you can see football (or soccer, if you're American) players. I was practising them, since I'm supposed to draw some football players in my practical training. And even though I know that it's wrong in all ways possible and absolutely pure evilness, I referenced most of them from google. Only two of them were drawn from my head. (Try to spot which of them they were)

Then, there are again some more harpies. Let's ignore them and move along.

Down and left from the harpy pair there is a bat. I was browsing in Wikipedia, as I very much like to do, and spotted this picture there. (I think it was something like Indian Flying Fox, or something. Get lost in the bats section, and you'll probably find it, eventually) The photo was absolutely BEGGING to get drawn, and I just couldn't resist. Had to draw it.

And to right from there, there is a shirshu. If you have ever heard of the cartoon series called Avatar: The Last Airbender, let me confess that I'm a huge fan of it. It's clever, well designed and contains some really nifty animation work. Not to mention really inventive creature design. The series is nowdays one of my top favourite cartoons, and this creature is probably my favourite. It's (as I've heard) a combination of at least a dog (german shepherd, which is really cute dog), giant anteater (awesome animal. I love the way it looks) and star-nosed mole (which happens to be one of my top favourite animals). So what happened when the Nickelodeon's creature designers combined them? Pure awesomeness! Someday I'll want to draw a real, full body portrait of one. But this looks pretty good too, considering that I drew it on a train without any reference. Not bad, I'd say.

Ant at the bottom, here you go, Vol. Your sweet lil vampires, all sketched and scanned. ^^
(As for you who don't know the characters, they belong to *Vol-89, and are lesser vampires from her webcomic. The tall guy on the left is known as Vile, and the not-as-amused-looking guy next to him is Bill. The picture is also supposed to picture Grinny, Vile's hellhound, but somehow I still haven't managed to draw it properly. Which is kind of strange, as I draw hellhounds almost every day. Weiiiird.

But anyway. Enjoy teh sketchyness! ^^

Shirshu species (c) Nickelodeon
Vile, Bill and Grinny are (c) *Vol-89
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