Midgard - Suolaamari Picture

Derived from Salt Squid in Finnish

These are small inhabitants of the giant salt spires scattered across what was once an ocean on Midgard. Growing up to 80 cm in lenght, they spend their entire lives in high altititudes, clinging to the spire and performing risky acrobatics to reach different ledges. They feed on algae shrubs that feed on the formations of salt and other minerals. As for water, it is believed they take it from popcorn like formations of ice that form after a long night on the spire itself via condensation.

There are occasional rainfalls, but the Suolaamari prefer to collect that water in small reservoirs within the spire. In it, they lay their eggs and watch over them carefully. Eggs are vulnerable to predators such as the Ratatoskr. However these small animals have very large heat receptors, capable of detecting slight changes in temperature from quite a distance. When confronted by a threat, they will turn around and erect the poisonous spines on their backs.

They belong to the same families as the Slemmers. Two species of Suolaamaries are known, this one with spines growing like a sail, and a second larger species with quills growing like a fan.

Da da da da da da da da, circus
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-Marty the Zebra
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