Yamino - For Kage- Picture

This is a peice i scetched last night and compleated this moring. It's for my dear best friend Kage-. I never did a gift art that i actually scanned.
This is a picture of Yamino from Matantei Loki RAGNAROK (heh, i learened that the ragnarok is in capital letters). You may wonder what the snakes represent if you haven't seen the 8th episode (or even know what MaLoki is). Yamino is actually the "Midgard Serpent" (World Snake) from Norse Mythology which was rumored to be large enough to cercle the world twice (or was it once, i need to do a bit more research on him). So i thought the snakes would be a nice touch.
Don't worry, Yamino is quite unlike the giant snake from mythology. He's actually a very sweet and loveable character, he brings a new meaning to "Soft as a feather duster and twice as gentil".
Done in Clicky Pencil.
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