Spike Valance Cthulhu Mythos - Swarog Picture

Spike Valance Cthulhu Mythos - Swarog, the Lord of Black Fire* (Great Old One)

Swarog is an extradimensional Great Old One, resembling a giant, legless bird swathed in flames which moves via all sorts of strange winding and spasmodic motions. Instead of a head, its long neck is topped by a formless black lump, half of which situates a big glowing eye, the other being covered in innumerable tentacles. It lives in the Dimension of Ra’dalma, a parallel cosmos which lies within the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, the only latitudes where it can be summoned. Ra’dalma’s “parallel Earth” consists of one huge landmass covered only in endless sand dunes and flatter regions of sand, inhabited by the hideous race of the Sandwalkers (or Sandgehers in German) which rose up stone buildings akin to temples occasionally covering the barren landscape of Ra’dalma (such as the capital city of Zvatamia).
This Great Old One is named after the homonym Slavic Solar and fire god, though it does not seem directly related to Slavic mythology, but just improperly named by fanatic cultists. Neither Swarog or the Sandwalkers Race can withstand cold temperatures and if summoned, this Great Old One requires a red-hot environment to stay in our dimension.

Swarog is mentioned in Jan Christoph Steines’ "Jahrhundertsommer” (2002), an issue of the German roleplay game Cthulhoide Welten. Its description has been publicly provided in Yog-Sothoth’s Forum, in the following thread. I must admit it's one of the wildest Great Old Ones after Ut'Ulls-Hr'ehr.

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*= As far as I know, there is no title for this Great Old One, therefore I've invented one.
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