Jord Picture

The Jotun who represents the earth and the mother of Thor.
So back story for my version her and Thor:
Jord's father, Annar, is the self proclaimed king of the Jotun (no other jotun consider him this) and he was determined to take over Asgard. So when Jord met Odin when she was 18 years old and feeling rebellious and fell madly in love she never told her father.
As always Odin moved on and Jord was left alone, but she knew it was just a fling and wasn't too bothered, until she learned she was pregnant. Terrified of how her father might react to learning her son was half Aesir she lied and told him it had been a Jotun.

From the moment Thor was born it became clear he was unusually strong. Jord's father was delighted, thinking he had a perfect little soldier for his war on the Aesir. So he decided to train Thor constantly to make him the most powerful warrior. Jord told Thor who his father was but warned him never to tell Annar as she knew how much he hated Aesir.
Annar grew very close to Thor and was proud of Jord because for having such a wonderful son.

All were very close and when Thor reach the age of fifteen Annar declared that he so loved his grandson he had decided to name him his heir instead of Aud, his oldest son.
Thor was so honoured he decided it would be safe to tell Annar who his father was.

Annar was furious when learned the truth, just as Jord had predicted. He struck Thor hard across the head, knocking him unconscious.

When Thor woke everyone was gone and he was alone in the wilderness with out a weapon or any idea of where he had been taken and left. Worst of all Thor had no idea what had happened to his mother, or if she was even alive.

Terrified and miserable Thor did the only thing he could think of. He travelled to Asgard to find his father. When he arrived and told his father who he was and what had happened to him and Odin was horrified. He immediately invited Thor to live in Asgard and commanded that a hall be built just for him.

Thor was so touched by the kindness of the father he had never know and so shocked by the cruelty of the grandfather he had always loved, that he came to believe that the Aesir were a good and wonderful people, unlike he had been taught. And he now believed that the jotun were all terrible monsters with no understanding of love or kindness, except of course his mother who had been special.

And from then on Thor hated all giants and fought and killed them at every opportunity. And he spent much time in Jotunheim searching for his lost mother.
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