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Here's a little conceptual image i did for my new novel idea of "Ragnarok". I did it entirely by digital paint! I'm so proud. I was kinda inspired after i saw one of the people i watch on DA pick up Photoshop like a pro without having any prior experience with it and woop some serious art ass. So i decided to give it a shot and here are the bounties of my labor!

The novel idea i have on my mind revolves around the ancient Norse apocalypse, "Ragnarok", finally comes to realization around 2020 or so after Loki, the trickster god, seeks revenge against his fellow Aesir (The Norse term for the main group of gods) because he was fed up being treated not as a god, but more like misfit in the Aesir, given neither respect, nor worship. So he orchestrates Ragnarok by release the great warg, Fenrir, who triggers the beginning of the Apocalypse by killing Odin.

Now, the actual Norse prophecy dictates that Fenrir will kill Odin, the Midgard Serpent will die along with Thor, and Odin's other son with kill Fenrir; a bunch of other stuff happens and gets killed, but these are the main points. This is where my story takes a different turn. During the battle between Fenrir and Vidar (The aforementioned 'other son'), Loki appears in the form of Odin (Who is dead, btw) and Vidar is shocked by what he sees (Again, being that he is looking at his DEAD father). This gives Fenrir the opening he needs to kill Vidar and permanently change the course of Ragnarok.

After Loki and his forces achieve victory against the Aesir, the Valhalla warriors, and the Valkyries, Loki sets fire to the world tree, Yggdrasil, which serves as an connection from Asgard to all the other eight realms. This in turn causes the realms to collide into one another, collapsing into Midgard (Otherwise known as Earth) and causing a massive cataclysm that leaves humans and the other races from the other realms reeling in the chaos and destruction, leaving Loki in charge of this new 'meta-realm' from his seat from Asgard, the only other realm to not collapse into Midgard due to the Bifrost, a bridge from two realms which was able to keep them apart.

The actual novel takes places around 20 years after, where the races of Dwarves, Jotun (Giants), light and dark Elves, and Humans are beginning to rebuild, entering a fallout-esque world still filled with dangers and almost no law. The main character is Alec Kain *Name Pending*, a skill, if hotheaded, hunter in the town Normundir, built by Jotun and Dwarves, which is situated east of the Great Lakes in what used to be the border between USA and Canada, north of New York. It is here, not to reveal any undo details, where he gets wrapped up into a dire adventure full of survival, constant danger, Norse mythology, and as much gritty realism as i can fit in.

If you read all that, you are a boss. If you actually want to read the first few chapters i have written, COMMENT!
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