Dragons of Yggdrasil Picture

Fafnir: Once a dwarf who murdered his own father and exiled his brother because of his own greed, Fafnir was transformed by the cursed ring of Andvarinaut which gave him the form of a dragon. He guards his invaluable treasures from anyone who might wish to steal it. Instead of blood, his veins run with poison. The only weak spot upon his scaly body is at his heart.

Nidhöggr: Those unfortunate to die outside of battle go to the realm of Heldrasil. There they are greeted, first by the barks of the giant watchdog Garm, and secondly by the dragon of Nidhöggr, who drains the blood from the diseased so that they may join the ranks of Hel. Untill the dawn of Ragnarok, he will gnaw upon the roots of Yggdrasil.

Both dragons are from the nordic folklore and these are my depictions of them. Normally the nordic "dragons" are actually wyrms and not actual dragons, however with my designs, I wished for them to differ from my design for Jormungandr.

The idea of Fafnir was to make him look cruel, and sort of like he was protecting his treasure. I gave his underbelly a molten design, but I'm not sure if it should be running with magma or acid.

The idea of Nidhöggr was to make him look as ancient as the tree of Yggrasil and at the same time make him look like he would fit into the realm of the dead. He is also more wyrm-like than Fafnir.

Both drawings are from Dec. 2009 where I did my daily drawing project.

(c) me
Naturally I do not own the folklore stories behind these two, however I do own these designs and this artwork, so all forms of art theft is prohibited.

Comments/feedback/questions are most welcome.
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