(OLD) Erymaswine Picture

Erymaswine-pronounced: "eh-ree-ma-swine"
It is based on a giant boar from greek mythology. Name is derived from "Erymanthian", "ma" (just to make it sound better), and "swine". It would be Ice/Steel and is an alternate evolution for Piloswine. Piloswine evolves into Erymaswine at lv 45 when holding a nevermeltice, (if it hasnt already learned ancient power). pokedex entry would be: The Sled Pokemon; Its tusks as well as the sled around its waist are made out of steel, and extremely hard ice. Being surprisingly child-like, they enjoy withdrawing their legs into the sled, and race each other down mountains.

Erymaswine is mine. Pokemon © Nintendo
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