Hands of the Norns Picture

Each of the hands belongs to one of the Norns of Norse mythology (Skuld, Verdhandi, and Urd).The landscapes in the palm of each hand represent the three major levels in which the nine worlds are arranged under the tree Yggdrasil. (I got all of Loki's children by the giantess Angrboda in there. Heh.)

Clockwise from right to left:
*Asgard, the land of the gods, with Odin sitting on his throne above Vallhal and the bound wolf Fenrir.

*Midgard (dwelling of mortals) and Jotunheim (home of the giants), surrounded by the great serpent Jormagund and connected to Asgard by the bridge Bifrost.

*Niflheim, ruled by the goddess Hel (who resides in her hall, Helheim), and inhabited by the dragon Nidhogg, who feeds on the corpses of the dead.
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