Chibi:Dean Picture

You had to know this was coming. New lighting attempt, I figured Dean would be a good attempt at it, and I was right!

Ok. I think most everyone that visits my page has caught on by now; but I'll take this moment to clarify. This is Dean.

AKA Dean the Ribbon, Centimani, and Cottus.

Dean has tortured, maimed, slaughtered, and seduced (yes seduced) her way into the slot of my most favorite of my own characters. And you know what? Kill her off, she has it coming. I love Dean because she is the perfect villain in my mind: a true sociopath.

Dean murders, tortures, and destroys for no other reason than for the fun of it: to her all of existence is a monumental game of tag with blood. To add to the sickness of her mind, Dean is a masochist - she ENJOYS pain, when she is getting killed she generally falls into rapture at the delicious agony she is experiencing. Basically, she's fucked up.

Dean's name actually has, as usual for me, a lot of meaning behind it. The common alias she goes by is actually a reference to 'Rebel without a Cause'; a reference to the fact that she is a murdering criminal 'just because'. Her True name 'Cottus' is a reference to the Centimani or hecatonchires; the hundred armed giants of greek mythology (Cottus the Striker being the most violent of them).

Dean's appearance started with a shark theme but actually has moved into frog due toPlanescape. See in Planescape there are 'angels' for every polar axis of alignment: Demons, Devils, Celestials, Inevitables, etc. One of the polar manifestations of chaos are called 'Slaad' and look like frogs. With sharp teeth.

I think it fits.
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