Loucci, mah fantroll Picture

Everyone has a fantroll/trollsona, why I can't? ´ w ` ♥

Name: Loucci Leppus (From latin, lepus means rabbit)
Personality: Polite and sweet most of the time, but the closest ones can clearly see that she’s a spoiled selfish brat that can’t stand being contradicted by someone, and that she's a big, fat compulsive liar. Uses “cuteness” in order to make people serve her.
Likes destroying things without thinking, is an incurable addiction. Her addiction is highly dangerous and it was shown that she can blow people up too when her pride or anger pushes the limits.
Although being a little bitch compulsive, she developed devotion and respect for some of her friends or random people, and it was told that her bombing attitude is the result of a huge trauma.
Age: 6 sweeps
Blood color: Orchid.
Symbol: This symbol is shaped sort of like a crossed O combined with rabbit ears.
The crossed O it’s the symbol she draws somewhere before bombing the location with her biggest destructive toy.
Ancestor: The Destructive Duchess
Lusus: Giant rabbit-like rodent monster
Power: Somehow, immune from explosions, grenade and almost everything fire and powder-based. Discovered it when blew up her own room accidentally and left without a scratch, curious, started testing herself with homemade bombs, becoming a habit.
Hive: The large house has a fancy look to it and is in good condition. The interior is done in colors that remind you of Easter. The yard is "strangely" destroyed.
Strife Specibus: Likes using bombs, usually disguised as carrots cupcakes
Fetch Modus: Little bombs
Trolltag: atomicBunnyholic

Typing Quirk: Polite-sweet talking, referring to others as "sir" or “lady” regardless of the age or creating creatives nicknames, highlight with “(/)’s” (bunny ears) every word that remembers (EXPLOSIONS/), she also says adjectives in a cute-cutey way, you brat-bratty. Uses rabbit-like emoticons sometimes ( =` ᵜ ´= ) and when she's angry or nervous, start talking in the third person. Changes ? with ¿ and ! with ¡, indicating that she's the opposite of what seems to be.

Title: Rodent Of Demolition/Untouchable Destroyer
Denizen: Lepuos, a three-headed rabbit(resemble Cerberus of the mythology)

Interview with her:

1. Confronted with your greatest fear, how would you react? What’s your greatest fear?
I would bomb it, you silly-silley sir. I don’t like. . . Bells. They remember me a bad-badey memory. =´ n `=

2. How does you approach a stranger that looks about your age in the distance?
If the sir/mrs seems interesting or mysterious, I’d act like a stalker until the stranger realizes and talk with me. Such a creepy-creepey. = ` w ´ =

3. What’s the first thing that you think about other people? Do you usually gets well with everybody?
“Are they (BOMBABLE/)??”. Oh, but my! Of course I do. I’m a cute-cutey bunny.

4. If you character could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
I’m such a cute-cutey thing, (BOMB-BOMBEY/)person, sweet-sweetey duchess. I'm sure no one disagrees. He-he. = ` ³ ´ =

5. What are your hobbies?
(BOMBING/) things, (BOMBING/) people, (BOMBING/) everything but my carrot cupcake. ♥

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