Vritra Picture

Helel in one of his avatars, Vritra.

This form is based off of the great dragon Vritra of Hindu mythology. A giant dragon that swallowed all the water of the world and soon destroyed by Indra.

Aside from Vritra, this form is also based off from Mada, A gigantic asura from Hindu mythology.

"In Hindu mythology, Mada is a gigantic Asura ( from the Hindu text, Mahabharata. Mada's name means the intoxicator, his strength is being feared by the king of gods, Indra. It has the ability to change its size to swallow the entire universe in one gulp. "

Helel gains this form after dwelling inside his host/apprentice, Vincent for a long time. Vincent has to constantly eat to help the god regain his lost strength. Unfortunately, Helel has been consuming everything Vincent eats, the poor Asura will never be full. While Helel hungers for more and more life source..he becomes this.

He can revert back, but Helel just loves to put things in his "mouths"

I don't even think he has a stomach. He just absorbs his food put turning whatever he eats into black slime.

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