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After a long break, here's the fabulous page five! See page 1 for all details about the project as a whole.

Othin spake:
"Wise-woman, cease not! | I seek from thee
All to know | that I fain would ask:
Who shall vengeance win | for the evil work,
Or bring to the flames | the slayer of Baldr?"

The Wise-Woman spake:
"Rind bears Vali | in Vestrsalir,
And one night old | fights Othin's son;
His hands he shall wash not, | his hair he shall comb not,
Till the slayer of Baldr | he brings to the flames.
Unwilling I spake, | and now would be still."

Othin spake:
"Wise-woman, cease not! | I seek from thee
All to know | that I fain would ask:
What maidens are they | who then shall weep,
And toss to the sky | the yards of the sails?"

The Wise-Woman spake:
"Vegtam thou art not, | as erstwhile I thought;
Othin thou art, | the enchanter old."

Othin spake:
"No wise-woman art thou, | nor wisdom hast;
Of giants three | the mother art thou."

This one has the most mixed media of all of them, I'm sure. Listing them:

-Photography (of fire, background)
-Pen and ink (raven)
-Wire (wing)
-Acrylic (panel of page 3)
-Broken glass (panel of page 3)
-Photography (panel of page 3)
-Ink (panel of page 3)
-White ink, black paper (tree).

This page took me ages - the first time, I ended up with this orange and red concoction with very little in the way of decent comprehension or basic skill. So I entirely scrapped that, and went back to the drawing board with the same components that I'd used. I then re-arranged them, inverted the colour of the fire so that the page had a different chromatic scheme altogether, and after I added the wing (a brief flash of insanity that somehow worked, I feel) and the tree (I love drawing patterns like that. Perhaps a little too much), I finally felt happy with this page.

Anyway, as the wise woman is speaking/denouncing, I gave her a role in this page; the raven represents odin, and the tree branches Yggdrasil, the world tree. (firefox recognises this as a word. I'm shocked.) The fire in the background is representative of the "brings to the flames" line.
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