Fanfir Linorm Sprites-Troll OC Picture

<EDIT> Changed her psychic abilities to none~</EDIT>

Here is my Troll OC, Fanfir (fan-FEER) Linorm (LIE-norm)

I'll add her wings later. Just pretend they're like red or something. And epic. Added~ Not so epic, though

Your name is FANFIR LINORM. Your friends say you are EXTREMELY MOODY and a LITTLE TEMPERMENTAL, that is IF YOU HAD ANY FRIENDS. You don't enjoy most things, as most things bug you-including other trolls. Truth is, you bug them too. They say it's really annoying when you try to MESS WITH THEIR QUADRANTS even though you just take an interest to that and just want to help them. To combat your lack of social interaction, you read a lot of MYTHOLOGY. You find the wild tales quite FASCINATING and COMPLETELY ILLOGICAL. You also find the vivid pictures ACCURATE DESCRIPTIONS. Other times, when you're angry, you like to listen to MUSIC, and you prefer the kind without any vocals, as you like to sing with the songs but FAIL MISERABLY and that just annoys you more. You don't take out your anger through violence, though. You like to play MIND GAMES with other, unsuspecting trolls, and lure them into your LUSUS'S CLUTCHES where they are POISENED and DEVOURED by your giant WINGED SNAKE you call SERPENSISTER. You are the only troll you know that is immune to your lusus's venom, but you belive that it is because you have lived with SERPENSISTER for so long. A good fight never hurts, though, and when you don't feel like challenging and being beaten to a pulp by your lusus, you like to take your DUALDAGGERKIND and go spar with some of the wildlife. Alternia is a very dangerous place, so it is always a good idea to be adept in combat.

Your trollian handle is garroteTarragon. You type in your blood color, a yellowish-olive, despite despising the caste system. YOU TEND TO SSPEAK YN A SSARCASSTYC MANNER THAT SSLYTHERSS OUT OF YOUR TONGUE. AND WHEN YOU GET UPSSET, YOU TEND TO ~EMPHASSYSSE~ VERY FLUENTLY.

Her smilies: variations of ":}"
Land of Shade and Tempest
Her symbol/theme is an Amphitere/Lindworm-esque (they are two types of dragons)
Her blood color is in between Sollux's and Nepeta's (but not the lime green)
She would LOVE to meet a red blood or mutant blood (just because they are so low class)


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