Ryota Picture

well, finally finished the piccie, and OMGIHATETHEBACKGROUNDITISSOBADIWANNASHOOTMYSELF!!!! seriously, i spent over an hour just trying to come up with something decent. i was aiming for a Japanese art look. well...tha didnt work now did it?... dont be surprised if i change it.

anyway, i settled with the name Ryota, Japanese for "strong". lame i know, but i kinda liked it. it was either that or Raiden, which is the name of a Japanese mythological god of thunder, but hes not a thunder dragon.

his basic story is that he lived in Japan for a good part of his life. he was very wise and revered by the current ruler. he mated with the ruler's prize mare and had a daughter, Celestia. yup, hes the father of Celestia. hes the reason for the dragonhorse's race initial existance. explains why Celestia has feathered wings doesnt it?
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