Nidhoeggr Picture

So, after a long time you'll see something I draw during the last week: Nidhöggr, the best mythical creature I know. And that's not because he's a dragon! (Originally he's something like a giant snake)
I like how he is a part of the world. Unfortunately a lot of people believe he's the Villain of all good Gods because he want to destroy the roots of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life.
Mostly I imagined him as a big dragon, mighty and strong, with great wings because after Ragnarök he carried the corpses of the dead Gods and so i thought he have to be a heavily built dragon.

Time: approx. 10 hours
Size: DIN A3
Tools: Fineliners (0.1, 0.4) and 'Edding BrushPen'

Art (c)
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