Magnus ID Picture

UPDATE(2012.08.29.) Here is the translated version!I hope you like it!
Name: Magnus
Origin of name: Magnus means "Great" in Latin.
Gender: Genderless (Any spetres have "no gender" but they look very manful even they was woman!You must call Magnus "he" ,because he hates that when people call him "it"

Other name: One-man army,Grandmaster (this is my nickname in english),Gray Death
Age: unknown (possibly, the whole universe is younger than him)
Birthdate: Unknown
Faction: Greyforestians
Species: Spectre /Entity (An entity is stronger than gods.)

Abilities of spectres:
-Immaterial: Allows to come through walls and any physical objects ,can't get physical damages from weapons but, disclaims to use of any weapons (swords,shields,bows)! People can't take photos of them ,because they don't appear physically .
-Flying (even without wings)
- Immune to the most spells
There are a LOT of spells which can't cause damage on them, but some spells are very effective!

-Curse of corpse
It isn't an ability but one of the most important things!A corpse is very dangerous for spectres. Death created this curse for them, because some ghosts wanted to control their corpses and live in it! But every corpses and skeletons is owned by Death.This curse causes a high damage on spectres when they touch the corpse

-Aura user and/or special attacker
Spectres have aura which has positive and negative effects but only used by Aura users.Special attackers don't use their aura and it hasn't purposeful effects! Magnus is aura user and special attacker too. His aura ,Aura of weakness and sorrow (name is given by its negative effects.) It reduces the energy of creatures, they feel sorrow and they fight weakly and poorly.

When Magnus is a special attacker , he can cause a strong infection on the enemies like my purple dzsinn --> [link]! But it is a EFFECT not virus or bacterium which always cause infections !This infection can't be healed!!!
Other abilities:
He can move objects without any touch, except corpses.

He can become bigger as he want !In addition his aura becomes bigger and its effects are stronger.
Melancholic, depressed and not very active person but very good friend if the people understand him.He has a very good sense of tactics!

Origin of him in short

Magnus born in a neutral universe where wasn't alignments. There wasn't good and evil,weak and strong, space and time. But this universe destroyed and reformed by the Gods. They lose against him in a combat but they made Magnus fall asleep and when he woke up, he found himself in unknown universe.He was confused and angry!By the time he became more depressed!He found planet Phantas and its greatest forest where he lives currently.

Interesting facts about Magnus
-He has no shadows and mirror images because of his immaterial ability.
-his footsteps are quiet although he is a giant.
-He has lack of physiognomy sometimes.

-His character was born in 2009. I was inspired by statue of Lincoln memorial in Washington ! On early drawings he looks like a giant stone angel and in 2010 he became flesh-and-blood person.His headdress looks like philippine eagle's [link] In 2012 he become a spectre creature with divine power.
I will scan those early sketches soon.

Hát igen,gyakran ül a "semmire"mint így mert rá nem hat mindig a fizika!"
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