Kurma Avatar Picture

Created with UF 5.04. Full view please.

As to the title, ‘kurma’ in Sanskrit means turtle, while ‘avatar’ means reincarnation. In Indian mythology, ‘kurma avatar’ refers to the second of ten incarnations of Vishnu, the preserver of order in the universe. The story, in a nutshell is as follows: When the gods were in danger of losing authority over the demons they requested Vishnu to help. Vishnu advised them to churn the ocean to harvest amrit (ambrosia), so that they would become strong and immortal. He promised to take the form of a giant turtle, upon which a mountain would rest and act as a ‘churning stick’. The ‘churning stick’ would in turn be rotated by the gods using the serpent Vasuki as a rope. The ocean threw up a whole bunch of stuff, including poison along with the ambrosia, and there were a lot of twists and turns involved, but I will not go into the details. For the complete story see this website: [link] .

The title occurred to me because the Mandelbrot set resembles a turtle when rotated 90 degrees, and the flower around the set in this piece looks a bit like a whirlpool, and I associated the image with an ocean being churned. It reminded me of the ocean churning story. If you look closely there is a rope like thing extending from the set!
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