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Anyhoo . . . I'd like to give props to
Well, I'm writing the story that goes with this, you can find the first two chapter here
[link] . This is named for a conversation that ensued between this "girl" and Belenus (an original character). ^_^ You can read that part down below! I'd give you more, but I feel I'd be spoiling the moment. Have fun!
"Hear me, Northman . . ."

"I hear, by Wodan. You've been calling--"

"You swear by your God, but have lost sight in him." A mirthful smile sent a shiver through Belenus. "However, he has lost patience with you brooding lot, who

draw swords upon their fellows and fight over land."

"Who are you, woman?"

"My name matters not, Northman, only the message I carry concerns you." One of her moon pale hands shot up before her, outstretched with her palm out. "You

have seen the mark that bears a resemblance to a hand."

"I have."

"And you are right to fear it so," answered she, lowering her hand once more. "The beast that makes this brand was forged by a God, whose name has been forgotten

long ago, but which is still uttered in sacred sects of men in Kaldhavne. A once-man called Bormire resides in these very mountains and maintains these catacombs. Now, come hither, oh man, so that I might make the holy mark."
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