Fenrir Picture

Named after the giant wolf from Norse Mythology, Fenrir is indeed a giant next to other wolves, nearly three times larger. His father, who was a firewolf, was known for ruthlessly attacking and destroying towns. His mother, who was a regular wolf, held compassion for other creatures including humans and never bared her fangs at them. Although Fenrir lacks any of his father's powers, he carries his fearless nature and quick temper, much to his mother's disappointment. Fenrir's temper and aggression has scared off many potential mates, not that he would care. He prefers to be alone and is picky about the company he keeps, if any at all. Hopefully he will soon find a mate and create a formidable pack someday.

Like his father, Fenrir's coat is blood red with orange markings on his legs, paws, face, and back. His eyes glow like a flame and most that meet his gaze cannot hold contact.

I made Fenrir with wyndbain's wolf maker, his background and all that are my idea but the wolf maker belongs to wyndbain. No taking Fenrir's background or markings.
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