Abaia Picture

The Abaia is a type of giant eel that lives in large fresh water lakes and rivers in the jungles of Faerie. While fairly intelligent, the Abaia is very territorial, and has been known to capsize boats that come to close. Usually by ripping holes in the bottom of the boats and sinking them, or by churning up the waters with it's wide, flat body and producing huge waves. Thankfully Abaias aren't very common.

The Abaia hunts along the bottom of it's territories, often lurking under sunken debris, like fallen trees or in shipwrecks. Their main food sources are large, mud dwelling fish, crustaceans, and the carcasses of animals that have fallen into the water. Really, the Abaia isn't very picky.

There is a legend that there was once a river dwelling tribe that domesticated an Abaia, but if they did, the secrets they took with them are long lost.

The Melanesians once believed that the Abaia protected the aquatic life of it's territories, and that to fish there would bring terrible rains and floods.
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