Ullr races Hrungnir Picture

I just spent way way too long making a picture of the Norse god Ullr-- still getting the hang of digital painting, so not especially happy with it, but had fun anyway.

An Old Norse kenning for "Shield" is "Ullr's ship", if I remember correctly. Possibly he was thought to ride on a shield across the snow-- hence Ullr as the first snowboarder. Another person notorious for standing on shields is the giant Hrungnir, in the background--also notorious for falling off of shields. Ullr's name possibly means "glory", and I believe it's been suggested that this refers to the glory of the winter night sky, which in the north would = the Northern Lights--hence the rainbow power streaking behind him in the pic. He would be associated with the winter night sky b/c, even if he is a sky god (doubtful, I think), he is also a skiing god and so obviously associated with the winter. Also an archer and hunting god. Yeah, the arrows I drew are pretty lame...
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