Old Bones- Gaikotsu Picture

The final illustration for my 'Old Bones', this time based around the Japanese legend of the Gaikotsu (which literally translates to skeleton). The Gaikotsu or Odokuro (starving skeleton) were giant skeletons cobbled together from the bones of those who died of starvation. They were apparently always hungry, ate people's faces and were heralded by the sound of ringing bells (which I guess was like their supernatural dinner bell). I went with a samurai look for this one, mainly for the want of doing some nice detailed armour.

The linework was done using the photoshop pen tool and then taken into Illustrator to be turned into a vector via livetrace and livepaint. Afterwards it was back into photoshop to overlay a paper texture I scanned.

This design is available as a print over on my Red Bubble page, so go check it out if you fancy: [link]

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