Euhemeristic Odin Picture

Euhemerism is a rationalizing method of interpretation, which treats mythological accounts as a reflection of historical events, or mythological characters as historical personages but which were shaped, exaggerated or altered by retelling and traditional mores. It was named for its creator Euhemerus. In more recent literature of myth, such as in Bulfinch's Mythology, Euhemerism is called the "historical interpretation" of mythology.

You know, I just wanted to draw a wolf, and I...ended with this 0_o

So, there's the story:

24 000 years ago, in Europe during the Ice Age, Wothin (Odin) was a 45 years old tribe leader. Since he can remember, his people (Homo Sapiens) fights with the Jutunds (Neanderthals) over the land. After one of the battles, he take a newborn Human-Neanderthal hybrid and named it Lohkay (Loki). Years after, when Lohkay in anger kills a member of another tribe, and later he tells Frost Giants did it. And then, the ultimate war (Ragnarok) begins. Human tribes unite against enemy, and they make Neanderthals excint.

The tale about this war was remembered throught millenia, and ultimately became a myth about nordic gods.

Here you can se him in his summer robes, with his domestic wolf, and trained crow on his spear (Guginir)

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