Tezeycamon Picture

USBmon (vaccine) -> Kobaymon -> Sichanmon -> Tlalocmon -> Tezeycamon -> Xauhquimon

Rat evolved. |p And resizing killed some face details, see here.

Tezeycamon, level Perfect/Ultimate/Kanzentai
Vaccine attribute.
Bewitching Beastman type.
Name origin: Aztec mythology, combination of Tepeyollotl, "Heart of the Mountain", the Jaguar of the Night, lord of the animals - and Tezcatlipoca, "Smoking Mirror", the god of the nocturnal sky. Tepeyollotl is a variant of Tezcatlipoca.
Tezeycamon has X-Antibody.

She is mysterious creature of the night, who dances on ancient ruins, singing for the rising moon - on same places where Tonatiuhmon rests nights. Tezeycamon and Tonatiuhmon share the day and the night.
Tezeycamon's gentle personality covers her mighty skills, what - though - she can use wisely. Her bell may lull another monsters to sleep. Is said she can bring starry night into brightest day, if have to. But usually Tezeycamon is ready to help monsters who need help, especially those who have lost in dark night - she can calm them and remove the fear of darkness.
The Jaguar of the Night is a tale which tells about great beast who wanders in dark, no one knows what's searching. So far there's not much known about it. Tezeycamon knows it's not only a tale, but is quiet if anybody asks anything more...

...Tezeyca is about human size - Tonatiuh is...giant. A big, big metal bird. |p ...
Hmmhmm. Hmm.
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