Mythical Beasts 8 Picture

Amenasu- A giant sea monster from Japanese mythology said to resemble either a gigantic fish or an octopus-like monster, it was responsible for creating earthquakes and other disasters, it was also fond of capsizing boats.
Asag-A monstrous rock demon, this creature was said to be so hideous that it's mere presence could make fish boil in water, it was often accompanied by smaller rock demons, which where actually his own offspring created from the creature mating with the mountains themselves, the creature's name means "demon which causes sickness" and it was occasionally associated with serpents and dragons.
Con rit- A marine cryptid (hidden animal), the creature is described as a sort of giant marine centipede, the creatures are said to reach massive sizes sometime rivaling those of large whales, some have also describe the creatures as having lobster-like tails and large nostrils with hair, they are also known as many-finned-sea-serpents.
Mokele-mbembe- A large swamp dwelling creature featured in African legends, the creatures name means "one who stops the flow of rivers", it is often described as a large dinosaur-like beast and is said to be responsible for rumors of living dinosaurs.
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