Ajatar The Sadist Monster Picture

Ajatar was originally created for the fan-fiction series "Ultra Theresa", which was apart of the now long defunct website Absolute Ultraman; a villainous fossil monster, Ajatar not only had incredible strength and an armored hide, but the ability to spray acidic saliva from his mouth like a long-range water hose.

Wayne, the former web-master for the former web-site helped in the Japanese spelling (katakana I think its called?) of Ajatar's name, while the image presented above are the 2001 bitmaps done for the fan-fiction, though slightly updated for this 2008 upload.

The design and concept was too good to waste it on a fan-fiction alone, and has since been used in other stories and projects of mine, added with a much more evil, sadistic personality. He is a giant monster standing roughly fifty-five-feet in height. But his cruel tendencies of taking delight in the suffering of others are equal to us humans…or perhaps even worse, considering that Ajatar has the size and terrible body to back it up.

Yeah...he's scum.

As for the name, it’s taken from a dragon of Finnish mythology that was said to bring about pestilences and plague; more on HER (my Ajatar is a dude) can be found in these following links:


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